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Who we are?

"Helpful Hands Africa” is an African donation sourcing platform that allow people to get financial support for impact events ranging from challenging circumstances, celebrations and religious/community projects

  • “Offering a Lifeline” to those in need of public support.
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How it works


This platform is open to Individuals, Charities, Religious Organizations, Corporate Organizations and Alumni Groups with legitimate funding needs.


Our Team mates work with project owners to understand/verify the project idea, funding needs, donation sourcing targets and expectations.


Project owners will then complete a 3 minutes registration process. Note that all registration information are treated with utmost confidentiality and not shared with third parties.


With a completed registration, the project owner can then initiate a campaign on the portal. Items required to initiate a campaign will include a short story, videos, pictures and other relevant information.


Once completed, the campaign is broadcasted and opened to receive donations.


At the expiration of the campaign period, funds raised will be transferred to the project owner.

Ongoing Campaigns
₦5,000.00 / ₦250,000.00

I have not met her yet. But seeing this video almost brought me to tears. What I intend to do is to receive...

₦55,000.00 / ₦250,000.00

Ustaz Bashir Bhadmus, is a resident of Ede, Osun State, Nigeria. He is handicapped and in need of support...

₦10.00 / ₦500,000.00

Remember the hungry nursing mother this ramadan.While fasting is not incumbent, she qualifies to receive...